Smashed phone screensDo you need help with your telecommunications services?

The Office Shop Victor Harbor is your local mobile communications device centre providing all the latest in mobile phone technology and internet connections since 1989.

We can help you with:

  • A wide range of mobile phones and accessories;
  • Pre-paid options;
  • Mobile phone and tablet accessories;
  • Tech support- if you need help using or learning your phone;
  • Loan phones;
  • Data transfer between mobile devices;
  • Setup and help, including resetting passwords, for email, Apple ID, iCloud and Samsung;
  • Change of ownership on accounts;
  • Help with bereavement forms for deceased customers;
  • Repairs and warranty issues;
  • Software updates;
  • Epay vouchers for prepaid for Telstra, Boost, Virgin, Vodaphone, Optus and more;
  • A range of Telstra and Boost pre-paid and unlocked handsets including mobile phones, tablets, wifi dongles/modems.

We specialise in both business and general consumer needs.

Our friendly staff are well-trained to help guide you through the telecommunications maze.  We pride ourselves on personalised customer service – no call centres and all of our staff are patient and speak in easy to understand terms.  Take a seat to discuss your needs.

We can tailor-make a telecommunications bundle or plan to suit your personal requirements – don’t pay for what you don’t need.

mobile phone device centre the office shop
We’re here to help you with all your mobile communication device inquiries. We’re patient and understanding of your needs.
We sell a wide range of mobile devices and accessories to suit phones and tablets.
We sell a wide range of mobile devices and accessories to suit phones and tablets.